A Tangled Web

Homins, I bring you the text of the three notes found dropped in yesterday's happenings:

First note, dropped by ellyssa


I am writing to you to keep you informed of my progress. Pretending to sell Atys ales such as firewine and Zorai ale to guilds in bulk, I have approached several homins in the towns of Yrkanis and Fairhaven, and in the regions of the Grove of Confusion and Lagoons of Loria. It is indeed a slow process, but I hope you will be pleased with what I obtained so far. Trykers, maybe given they joyful character, were willing to give me the information we are looking for; Matisian harvesters were way more reserved, despite being myself born in Natae. Please, find below the list of important and influential guilds and homins. Bear in mind that this list is by no means complete, I should be able to add more names soon. Some guilds were mentioned, but I have not been able to contact them, because their members were in the remote lands of Atys, and their leaders busy with urgent matters.

The Samsara
The New Empire
Angels of Atys
The Dragon Order of Abylus
Abyss eye

I will do my best to make contact with others who may be able to help us.


Second note, dropped by Syndix


I have important news to report. I have spent a few days observing hominkind throughout Atys, traveling from the towns of Thesos and Dyron in Fyros lands, to the Void region of Witherings, pretending to be a trader and a merchant representing a council of guild leaders. It has been no easy task, for homins are wary and they like to keep secrecy about their guild leaders, workforce and commercial activities. Surprisingly, a few would gladly reveal who they worship.

Nevertheless, as you requested, I have been able to observe the following important, influential and strong guilds:

Veni Vidi Vici
Ballistic Mystix
The Soul
Shadows of Dementia

I don't consider my task done, for I did not have time to gather a complete list of homins and guilds with such short delay. I will continue to strive to make contact with others who may be able to help us.


Finally, the third note

My loyal comrade, I ask you today to bring yourself to the light. The danger is great. I fully understand how big is the risk that I am asking you to undertake for the cause. I ask you to travel around Atys in search of the most famous homins and guilds of Atys. Find them, note their names and the means to join them as I will soon have a message of the highest importance to transmit to them.

Elias Tryton