A Tangled Web

Homins! I bring you a message from the Karavan representative, Karvanu.

“Loyal Matis, loyal Tryker, friends of the Karavan everywhere.
An insurrection is taking place across the lands.
Agents of our enemies, an insidious group working to bring low the Karavan, to desecrate the name of Jena and bring low our great nations, are abroad in the lands spreading lies and seeking to pervert the beliefs of prominent homins against us. One, a Matisian female by the name of Ellyssa was last seen in Yrkanis. The second, a Fyrosian male calling himself Syndix, was last spotted in the Void.
This rebellion, this slander, cannot be allowed to go on unchecked.
We call upon the heroes, champions of the Karavan, to find and put down these insurgents before they can do any real damage.
They are masquerading as traders and vagabonds. Find them and destroy them and you shall be well rewarded.


Homins, I bring you a message from a marshal of the Fyrosi, Avelor, who hails from the Burning Desert.

"Followers of Ma-Duk, friends of the Kami:
The Karavan is starting a hunt for what they call an ‘insurgent group’. Our intelligence has confirmed that these people carry information which may be of great influence to our fortunes. Though we do not know for sure who these people are, it may prove prudent to aid them for now. Any homin that opposes the Karavan may prove to be an ally in the struggle.


Homins, I bring you a message from the Kami Marshal, Avelor, who led a valiant group of Kami supporters into the Prime Roots today in defence of the mysterious Agents Elyssa and Syndix:

"Thank you for your assistance in protecting the agents. I have been informed that their mysterious leader shall be in contact with us soon about information that concerns us all deeply.


Homins, I also bring you a message from the Karavan representative, Karvanu, following the abortive attempt of the Karavan supporters - led by Marshal Kulos - to rout the mysterious Agents Elyssa and Syndix:

"We have been dealt a grievous blow, homins. No doubt through some treachery or vile kami trickery the agents have been stolen away under our noses. I fear the lies that they will spread and we must all hope that they will fall on deaf ears. Keep Jena close to your heart, and trust the Karavan to protect you from these vile usurpers homins!