For many centuries I have voyaged through the quiescent corridors of Ryzom. I bore witness to the Green Rising of Atys, and the birth of hominkind. I witnessed their striving for survival in a merciless world of killing plants and swarming beasts. Worse, entrenched in their brutish ignorance they gave themselves to bloodshed in their vying for power with their own kin. Thus weakened by interracial warfare and bound to their territories in their self-imposed segregation, they fell victim to a terrible swarming of kitins.

Even the great Atysian forces of the Kamis and the Karavan put together were powerless against the kitin onslaughts in that calamitous year. Entire populations perished. When the dreadful news came to my ears, I did not delay in giving all the assistance I could to save the last survivors, many of whom had dispersed and fled into the wilderness.

Three generations have since passed for healing wounds, rebuilding lives, for introspection and rekindling the spirit of hominkind. The time has now come for the wise and the brave to take up the reins of ambition, to blaze the trail to a new order, to span the rifts between continents and forge the destinies of their civilizations.

This is my one hope, for in unity will we best be armed to repel the tide of advancing evil. Certainly, I already hear the ominous rumblings of the Enemy that, alas, shall one day rock the very bowels of the green planet.

But I have faith yet in this, the New Beginning of Mankind...

Elias Tryton, Year 2525.