Supporters of Tryton

Elias Tryton has a message for you regarding the Kami/Karavan struggle which will be delivered at Loria's Rise in Fairhaven on Sunday 20th November at 9pm Gmt.

Please attend to hear his words.

The words of Elias Tryton as read by Syndix:

"My dear Homins... the request that was directed to you was huge and came with the need of a lot of sacrifices, but there have been significant results. Because of you all neither one of the two factions, which claim to be so powerful, could unfold their power in the way they had planned.

My thanks go out to all homins who stood up against their belief to act on either the Kami or the Karavan side. You demonstrated your will to make sacrifices for yourself and the whole Hominkind, something that surely goes beyond the call of duty, so I have to thank those among us who abjure battle as a solution but made the ultimate decision to fight against each other and maintain the balance at the cost of their personal integrity.

I do however accept that there were those amongst you who felt personably unable to involve themselves in active struggle and to you I would say in this as in all things you have to follow your heart and soul. The decisions on which you base your actions can only be based on your unique morality and your view of the universe and the Homin place in it, and to an extent I was over zealous in asking you all to follow my lead rather than the dictates of your own ideology. This is the true nature of freedom, to be fully aware of and responsible for ones own position in the world and in desiring you to follow my advice I neglected to address this vital point.

Whether you fought to maintain the equilibrium or chose the path of withdrawal from the raging struggle, I am proud of all of you that stayed true to yourselves and followed your own path through this torturous time of strife. I am unable to reward any of you materially at this time, much as I would wish to do so, but I promise you here and now that I will render more direct aid in the times that are rapidly approaching us.

Because still there is work to do my friends! Both the Kami and the Karavan will not settle for the current situation in the months to come...

The fight for our freedom will continue. Therefore keep spreading my word, the homins can live much better without either Kami or Karavan interference, and that homins themselves should control Homin destiny and the future of Atys. YOU will write our history through the actions you commit so that one day, all the free Homin peoples will be able to live in harmony.

Signed, Elias Tryton"