Evil This Way Comes - A scout's work is never done

Homins, I bring you tidings of the utmost urgency!

A letter has fallen into my hands; I will not say how. It is crumpled and stained, but many of the words are still legible enough to read, and they bode ill for Hominkind.

".. plans have come to fruition …. have located …. elements to perform the spell …. sneer at their stupidity …. her sheer audacity and genius! This Sunday is the day but we will need to wait for the evening …. have planned it thus …. cannot fail this time …. aware that She will be …. finally!

Sylph and Candi"

Homins, I bring you news from General Deamla!

"I and all my associates are looking into this matter with the utmost urgency. Unfortunately we do not know what sort of spell the twins are preparing to cast but the sort of things they have been doing of late suggest it is something big.

Reports and rumours are coming in steadily about the twins Candi and Sylph harvesting goo in zorai, murdering homins in Fyros and dissecting still-living animals and kitin, leaving their entrails strewn about.

Homins have reportedly been looking for the twins' hideout but as of yet no luck. I suspect their mistress Desann, who is still mostly a mystery to the Homin Council, has a great deal to do with this as well.

I am currently focusing my efforts on raising everyone's awareness of this issue so when the time is right we have the firepower necessary to strike back.

If anyone hears anything it would be best to tell either myself or one of my associates:

General Phanasa - Matis
General Bai-Jimao - Zorai
General Rehn - Tryker
General Sanantia - Fyros

Keep a sharp eye and a keen ear out for news my friends,

General Deamla"

Homins, I bring you tidings from General Deamla

"I am currently not only scouting the kitin as is my usual job, but also trying to uncover what Desann and her minions Candid and Sylph summoned. So far myself and my colleagues have had little success in uncovering either the latest kitin plans or what Desann summoned. However, we shall keep searching because we shall not let either threaten the freedom of Homin-kind everywhere.

General Sanantia is currently assisting me in my task, as there is a lot to cover and we are keeping the homin council updated on our current progress regularly. However, we still need help from all of you.

If you happen to see something out of the ordinary, or can keep me updated on the movements of the kitin I would appreciate it. Sanantia and myself often make tours of the main cities in our search for news, you can contact us there or leave a message in our e-mail inboxes with any news you may have.

I thank you for your time homins,

General Deamla"