News From Zora

Homins, I bring you tidings from the Zorai people. Opressed by the ominous words, the Grand Sage Mabreka Cho has communed with Ma-Duk and passed on his words to the herald Giao Fo-Chen.

His words ,presented for meditation last night at the Daisha estate in the presence of Bai Ji-mao and the honourable Chan Ji-Cian, were as follows:

"Open your hearts and minds to the words of our respected Grand Sage, Matini Bremmen Kalus Cheng-Lo, bearer of the Great Mask of Ma-Duk and healer of the jungle.

'Faithful followers, Ma-Duk has appeared to me. He has shown me the future, our future. A war without mercy, a war desired by Jena and her followers.'

This shall be a long war, many homin shall fall in battle. The Karavan shall accuse us of a great many things but it shall do so in vain. This war shall bring the triumph of Ma-Duk, Jena and her followers shall be cast out into the void, Atys shall then be free from the stain of the Karavan and the evil of the Night Empress.

From that moment, together, we shall be free to commune with Ma-Duk. A new era shall begin, an unending time where we shall be one with Ma-Duk, an era of unity, serenity and harmony.

Before eternal peace we shall have to live through a time of suffering, war and loss. Unit around Ma-Duk, fight for freedom together, as one. Let us rid Atys of Jena and her followers.

Faithful homin, have pity for those tricked by lies, they are not our true enemy.

Many tasks await us to prepare for this war. The Kami, speakers of Ma-Duk, shall guide us along this path. Now, enjoy these remaining peaceful days to meditate and purify yourselves. Be wary of Jena's servants and do not trust Tryton.'

[Homins, heed my words!]
Medidate upon these words of the Grand Sage, Matini Bremmen Kalus Cheng-Lo, bearer of the Great Mask of Ma-Duk and hope of the Kami.

Praise be to Ma-Duk."