Position of the Karavan

Homins, I also bring you Tidings of the Karavan, who chose to voice their own considerations on this as well, through the marshal Phanasa:

"Rejoice homin!

Jena has left her place in the heavens and comes now to Atys. When the celestial winds bring her to the shores of Atys she shall live here with us, forever.

Tryton has shown his colours and betrayed Jena once again. The plans of the Karavan have been disrupted by his words. It is true that the Karavan wished to attack the Kami and to crush Ma-Duk unawares.

But Tryton does not say why they would do this. They would do this to save hominkind once again, as they did in the time of The Kitin Wars. Ma-Duk wishes to preserve Atys for one purpose, maintaining his power. That power is failing,

the Goo devours him and the cure to his sickness? A devouring of his own, the souls and bodies of homin, foolishly loyal to him, drawn into him to stave off the sickness. Ma-Duk will become nothing more than a parasite, a bloated tick feeding on the lives of the homin. This is why Jena comes, to crush Ma-Duk before he takes your lives and souls!

Tryton be damned for revealing the plans that would have brought swift victory! Now we, the free people of Atys, must prepare for total war. This will take time and sacrifice but survival has a price. Soon we shall tell you how to prepare for the coming war.

May Jena's light fall upon you."