The Kami Reaction

Greetings Homins, I bring you tidings of the recent political developments. As events unfurl, Atys shall never be the same again, whether it will be for good or for bad none may know save those who live to see it's end.

The Kami offer you their view on things, as proclaimed by the wise Bai Ji-mao.

"Listen to the words of Ma-Duk!

Homin from the shadowy Guild of Elias have heralded the coming of Jena to Atys. They have also revealed that the Karavan had prepared a surprise attack against Ma-Duk and those who follow his word. The Guild of Elias spoke truth! Jena wishes to take Atys for her own, to rule without division, to crush Ma-Duk and enslave those who believe.

With this news the future becomes dangerous. Jena's coming gives us no choice, we must fight! If we do not fight we shall not survive, or worse, we shall be made slaves and reduced to silence. We must prepare for war and throw Jena back to the void from whence she came!

Soon we shall tell you what Ma-Duk expects of you. For now keep to the path of the Kami and avoid lies from the followers of Jena, The Night Empress.

Even with this warning, do not trust Elias or his Guild. They work to their own goals, even if they have helped us this once. We should not forget that once he was a servant of Jena, before he betrayed her.

May Ma-Duk show you the way of wisdom."