The Goo is Stirring

There are worrying rumours reaching the Zorai cities of some strange disturbances and imbalances in the goo.

The renowned Baijimao has been asked to investigate this grave matter and may be calling on you all for assistance with his researches in the near future.

In the meantime, please be vigilant and report anything abnormal that you see in the verdant Zorai jungles – the goo is a serious threat to us all and it would be truly terrifying should it get out of control once again.


A report from our esteemed ally Bai-Jimao has this evening fallen into my hands. We would all be wise indeed to heed his words!

This message arrived tied to a migratory Izam.

"I have reached the goo-line, in no small part thanks to the efforts of Wuchter, Yidaki, Alibooma, Lyrthis and Loulou.

Something is definately wrong here, the goo bubbles and shifts and is more active than I have seen it since... well, years.

The gibbai nearby seem restless, agitated and there are fewer of them than usual, fewer of the other beasts as well than should be normal at this time of year.

I am going to follow the goo line around our lands and look for anything more unusual.

If I find anything more I shall send word immediately, but be careful in your travels.

Ma-Duk's blessings upon us all.

Bai-Jimao, Healer of The Celestial Order, Zorai General

One of my dear friends, Waedan of the Zorai, stumbled across the party on his travels.....


I am shocked and deeply afraid. Dread tidings have reached me. General Bai-Jimao of The Celestial Order was expected at Council this morning to report back on his investigations, but failed to return.

The esteemed doctor of medicine, Sheng Yanfan, gathered a large party of Homins in Zora this evening to locate Bai-Jimao and return him to safety.

As they departed from Zora they encountered the creature he sent back carrying his message at the border to the city, out of its mind with fear. It was deemed kindest to put this poor beast out of its misery.

Once it had been slayed a note was found attached to its corpse. Only a very few words were clearly visible on this blood-soaked message.

"I ha-- been infected with the --- but have seen a gr--- ----at."
"Please, find --, rescue me."
"I am so--- of with------- and I saw Anti---is not so long ago."
"Getting delerious, please he--"

Sheng Yanfan read the message aloud to the gathered Homins.

The party set out en masse to rescue Bai-Jimao, who was eventually located south west of Withered Stock.

The poor man was delirious. He screamed and shuddered, flinched and uttered dread portents.

Gently he was lifted up and returned to Min-Cho, where the doctor put him into quarantine, better to investigate the cause of his delirium.

Sheng Yanfan's parting words were a warning to all homins of the coming of evil. He instructed everyone present to spread across the land and defeat any patrols or Goo-infected beasts they should encounter.

I fear this is but the onset of a far greater evil.

Homins, heed my words!